Portuguese for Foreigners


Level Length Objective
Basic 1 60 hours Communicate in an elementary level in some known social and professional situations.
Basic 2 60 hours The student increases his oral comprehension and can express himself comfortably. He knows a great part of Usual Verb Tenses and is on the way to use them comfortably.


Level Length Objective
Intermediate 1 60 hours The student can use the language in different contexts, both professional and social. He can write simple letters, e-mails and reports. He has a good oral comprehension, and can read technical documents, newspapers and magazines. The unknown words in the text do not hinder comprehension.
Intermediate 2 60 hours


Level Length Objective
Advanced 1 60 hours The student has a good command of the language. He is able to express himself in different contexts. He is able to take part in meetings with Brazilians in such a way that unknown expressions or words do not block communication. He can write more complex emails, letters or reports.
Advanced 2 60 hours

Total Immersion Program

Conclusion of one level in one week´s time. This option is targeted at persons who need an accelerated learning experience in order to communicate with Brazilians.